Used Stair & Chair Lifts & Handicapped Lifts in North Jersey

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Buy Backs

Please ask about our stairlift buy-back program if you purchased your lift from us and no longer need it. Our buy-back price depends on how long you’ve had the lift, the make, model, and distance from our store. Please call 1-800-287-1793 for details if you or someone you know uses a wheelchair or handicap chair lift in NJ and are looking for more independence and accessibility. Handicap residents of North Jersey can greatly benefit from a used chair lift or wheelchair ramp.

With our buy-back program we pick up your gently used chair lift, thoroughly inspect and test it and bring it to like new condition. As one of the most well-known stairlift companies in North Jersey, we can offer used lifts at very affordable prices with our sell-back program, when they are available and appropriate for your needs. If you purchased your chair lift from another company please call us at 1-800-287-1793 for a buy-back estimate.

We understand that you may not need your stair lift or rail any longer, but handicap residents may. We offer many Affordable Stair Lift Options at our location in New Jersey. Once we buy back a handicapped lift in NJ, it is thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure it is in proper working order and is like new for those who are in need of buying a gently used stairlift. Please call us for a free estimate on a used stair lift installation and stair lift prices in NJ. We will be more than pleased to give you more information on our sell-back program. Fill out the contact form or give us a call us if you are interested in selling your wheelchair ramp or stairlift.